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Satyam Institute is delighted to announce that Satyam Bhardwaj, the esteemed Director of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Group of Educational Institutions, has been bestowed with the prestigious ‘Emerging Leader in Higher Education’ award at the 2nd Edition of the Education Leaders Conclave and Awards organized in Hyderabad on July 20-21, 2023. 

The Education Leaders Conclave and Awards is an esteemed platform that aims to celebrate and acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to the advancement of education. The 2nd Edition of the event focused on exploring innovative educational approaches, sharing best practices, and celebrating the efforts of those who have made a significant impact in shaping the future of education.

The esteemed panel of experts at the Education Leaders Conclave and Awards discussed various pertinent topics, including the transformative impact of blended education, hybrid classrooms, and flipped learning methods on the future of education. During the event, the panel of experts delved into innovative approaches for transforming education and empowering learners. 

The focal point of the discussion revolved around bridging skills gaps to bolster the employability of students upon their graduation from higher educational institutions. Distinguished panelists joined forces to delve into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in shaping the educational landscape.

The Director, Satyam Bhardwaj, also took part in the enlightening discussion as part of an esteemed panel of experts. His remarkable dedication and contributions to the advancement of higher education caught the attention of the jury, resulting in well-deserved recognition.

In his speech at the conclave, he expressed heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to address the prestigious gathering of education leaders. He highlighted the significance of blended learning approaches, hybrid classrooms, and flipped learning methods in fostering a conducive learning environment for students. Satyam Bhardwaj also emphasized the need for continuous improvement and innovation in educational practices to bridge the skills gap and enhance the employability of graduates.

Upon receiving the award, Satyam Bhardwaj expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Education Leaders Conclave and Awards for this esteemed recognition. He dedicated the award to the entire team of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Group of Educational Institutions, whose unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence have played a pivotal role in the institution’s success. 

He stated about the discussion, “Grateful for the opportunity to speak at the prestigious Education Leaders Conclave and Awards today, where I had the privilege to join an esteemed panel of experts. Together, we delved into the transformative impact of blended education, hybrid classrooms, and flipped learning methods on the future of education. The session was insightful, touching upon both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in shaping the educational landscape.” 

About Shaheed Bhagat Singh Group of Educational Institutions

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Group of Educational Institutions is a renowned and visionary educational establishment committed to providing exceptional education and nurturing future leaders. With a strong focus on academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development, the institution has consistently delivered quality education across various disciplines.

Satyam Institute takes pride in announcing that the Central Government of India has successfully organized the National Cadet Corps (NCC) camp at SBS Polytechnic and Pharmacy College, Patti. The event saw active participation from enthusiastic NCC cadets.

The NCC camp, a significant initiative by the Central Government of India, aimed to provide an environment to encourage the youth to take up a career in the Armed forces. The camp was an opportunity to nurture the qualities of discipline, leadership, courage, comradeship, and national integration among the young while fostering the spirit of unity and social responsibility.

The rigorous training sessions were geared up to enhance their physical fitness, mental agility, team-building skills, and overall personality. The participants underwent a series of meticulously planned activities, including drills, adventure sports, team-building exercises, and various workshops conducted by seasoned NCC instructors and experts.

One of the key highlights of the camp was a comprehensive career guidance lecture delivered by the esteemed faculty members of the Pharmacy College. The lecture aimed to enlighten the participants about the vast and promising scope of pharmacy as a profession. The students received valuable insights into the core subjects of pharmacy education and the diverse opportunities that lie ahead in the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, the lecture also focused on inculcating moral values among the students. The faculty members emphasized the significance of ethical practices in the pharmaceutical field and how they contribute to society’s well-being. The students were encouraged to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism throughout their careers.

Highlighting the significance of the event, the College Principal expressed his gratitude towards the instructors for their support and efforts in organizing such a prestigious camp.

The success of the NCC camp and the career guidance lecture signifies the collective efforts of all involved parties toward empowering the youth with the necessary tools to shape a brighter and prosperous future.


About SBS Polytechnic and Pharmacy College, Patti


SBS Polytechnic and Pharmacy College, Patti, is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and overall student development. The college offers quality education in polytechnic and pharmacy courses, imparting the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in respective industries.

Dr. Mridula Bhardwaj, Executive Managing Director, and Mr. Satyam Bhardwaj, Director from the prestigious SBS Group of Educational Institutions, recently embarked on an insightful tour at NutraGrace, a leading name in the liquid-filled capsules and plant-based products industry. This visit provided a remarkable opportunity for the delegates to learn about the cutting-edge processes involved in manufacturing liquid capsules.

NutraGrace, founded by visionary entrepreneur Mr. Sunil Gupta and partners Mr. Rohit Agarwal and Mr. Sachin Agarwal, has achieved significant success in the nutraceutical market. The SBS Group representatives were warmly welcomed by the NutraGrace team, who generously shared their expertise and journey during the visit.

The tour commenced with an introduction to the history and evolution of liquid-filled capsules, followed by a detailed explanation of the advanced manufacturing processes. Dr. Mridula Bhardwaj and Mr. Satyam Bhardwaj were fascinated by NutraGrace’s innovative technologies used to encapsulate various liquids and oils, making products more effective and user-friendly.

Mr. Sunil Gupta, the visionary founder of NutraGrace, shared his inspiring entrepreneurial journey and how his venture emerged as a leading force in the liquid-filled capsules market. He emphasized the importance of research and development in the nutraceutical industry and the commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards at NutraGrace.

An exciting possibility arose during the visit as both organizations explored the potential for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NutraGrace and SBS Group. This collaboration aims to create exciting placement opportunities for SBS Group students within NutraGrace, opening doors to remarkable careers in the nutraceutical industry. The MoU, if materialized, will strengthen the ties between the two esteemed institutions and foster talent growth in the field.

Speaking about the visit, Dr. Mridula Bhardwaj said, “Our tour of NutraGrace has been truly enlightening. Witnessing their dedication to innovation and quality has been inspiring. We are thrilled about the potential MoU, which can provide our students with invaluable exposure and opportunities in the dynamic world of liquid capsules and nutraceuticals.”

Mr. Satyam Bhardwaj added, “The insights Mr. Sunil Gupta and his team shared are invaluable. We believe this experience will motivate our students to strive for excellence and aspire to be a part of pioneering companies like NutraGrace in the future.”

The visit to NutraGrace reflects the commitment of SBS Group to providing its students with practical exposure to industry-leading organizations, enhancing their academic and professional growth.

About SBS Group:

SBS Group is a renowned group of educational institutions known for its dedication to academic excellence and holistic student development. With a vision to produce industry-ready professionals, SBS Group offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines.

About NutraGrace:

NutraGrace is a leading nutraceutical company dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality liquid-filled capsules and plant-based products. Founded on the principles of innovation and sustainability, NutraGrace strives to impact society through its cutting-edge offerings positively.